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"Let’s go to work."

This was absolutely the perfect note to end the series on. As much as I adore the series and wish it hadn’t been cancelled, there could have been no better ending for it. It was just that message that no matter who dies, no matter that it can never truly be won, the fight must go on. In Angel the metaphor in question used was the fight for redemption - Angel had two hundred years of slaughter and mayhem to his name before he regained his soul, after all. But I actually find the metaphor very applicable to life in general - no matter what happens to any individual one of us, we need to keep on going, work for the greater good of the species and try to always do what is right along the way no matter the personal cost.

At times I feel that’s an ethic most people have lost sight of - but clearly not everyone, because nobody has portrayed that ethic quite so effectively as Joss Whedon and Jeffrey Bell did in “Not Fade Away”.

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    "I wanna kill the dragon."
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    I thought the 5th season was wonderful, a great reinvention. Personally I was glad it ended with season 5, because it...
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    "Not Fade Away." If only all TV shows had an ending as perfect as this one.
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    "Let’s go to work." This was absolutely the perfect note to end the series on. As much as I adore the series and wish it...
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